Blocks of flats / apartments with cladding

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The Government have a £1bn Fund to help unsafe cladding on high rise buildings as of the 1st June 2020. This funding is to help the private sector cost of replacing the existing cladding.

Langton London believe helping the client understand their existing cladding will help the client understand the increased reasons for the increased fire potential but may help with risk management going forward. Cladding in any form is generally not deemed an attractive risk feature when reviewing a property and negotiating terms with underwriters, unsurprisingly because of the increased risk posed by fire and the potential of it spreading to surrounding properties. Historically some infill materials in cladding panels have been deemed to be highly flammable; the outer membranes are easily damaged, and the panels allow for an increased rate in the spread of a fire.

Infill types explained

The types of infill are generally quite standard across the industry and can be categorised as follows:

Infill Material TypeCombustibility
EPS / XPS - Expanded / Extruded polystyrene Highly Combustible
Fire Retardant EPS Combustible
PE - Polyethylene Used as infill for Aluminium Composite Materials (cladding) Combustible
HPL - High Pressure Laminate. Combustible even with added fire retardant
SIPS - Structural Insulated Panel Systems Often filled with EPS  
PUR - Polyurethane Combustible
PIR - Polyisocyanurate Combustible
LPCB / FM approved PIR Will withstand fire for longer, but ultimately combustible
Modified Phenolic Foam Combustible but with a good degree of fire resistance
Foamed Glass Non-combustible
Glass Fibre Non-combustible
Mineral / Rock wool Non-combustible

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We have joined the Government fire safety premiums pledge

We are helping to set new standards for residential multi-occupancy buildings insurance, after signing up to the Government's pledge to improve transparency and value for residents living in buildings taller than 11m, or four storeys, with known fire safety issues.

Read our news article for more information.

Alternatively, you can read about the pledge on the Government's website.